Chiang Mai Mass Transit Project (Red Line)








         With reference to the meeting, held on 21 February 2018, the Commission for the Management of Land Traffic, CMLT, advised that the Chiang Mai Mass Transit Network should be constructed only 1 route according to its priority of each line and other routes thereafterThe project investment scheme should be Public Private Partnership (PPP).  The CMLT also assigned Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) to be a responsible organization for Chiang Mai Mass Transit Network under PPP investment scheme.



         The Red Line of Chiang Mai Mass Transit Project is designed to be an at grade structure starting from Nakorn Ping Hospital to Chotana Road, turn right to 700th Anniversary Chiang Mai Road, and pass Chiang Mai Government Center, Rop Mueang Chiang Mai Road, 700th Anniversary Chiang Mai Sports Complex and Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre.  Then, the alignment will turn left onto Highway No. 1366 (Nong Hor - Northern Petroleum Development Center), pass Chang Phueak Police Station and turn right onto Chotana Road again before lowering to underground at Khuang Sing intersection.  It will go along Chang Phueak Road, passing Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 (Chang Phueak), turn right to Mani Noppharat Road.  Then it will turn left to Bun Rueang Rit Road, passing Chiangmai Ram Hospital, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, Suan Dok Gate and Wattanothaipayap SchoolNext, it will turn right to Mahidol Road, passing Central Plaza Chiangmai Airport, before turning right again to Sanambin Road which passes Chiang Mai International Airport, and it will gradually elevate itself to the ground levelThen it will go along Chiang Mai - Hang Dong Road, passing Chiang Mai Land Transport Office, Big C Supercenter (Hang Dong), and terminate at Mae Hia Saman Samakkee intersection.


          The civil works structure combines with at-grade structure and underground structure. Its total length is around 12.54 kilometers. (at-grade structure 5.17 kilometers and underground structure 7.37 kilometers)

         Railway System

         Light Rail Transit: LRT


         12 stations


         Initially, the depot will be located at the area which is opposite to the International Convention and Exhibition Centre Commemorating His Majestys 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary.

         Park and Ride

         Initially, the Park and Ride Building will be located in the area of the International Convention and Exhibition Centre Commemorating His Majestys 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary and Big C Supermarket (Hangdong branch).


Detail Cost (Million baht)
Land Acquisition N/A
Civil works 19,828.84
M&E Works and Rolling Stocks 5,710.50
Consultant Fee 975.32
Provisional Sum 1,276.96
Total 27,791.62


       Chiang Mai Public Transportation Master Plan (Final Report) by OTP, October 2017.