Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand
Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand

Corporate Plan fiscal years 2017-2022


"To be the excellence mass rapid transit organization that sustainably elevates the quality of life and enhances city development nation-wide"


The “Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand” Act B.E. 2543 (2000) has set 3 objectives with the following

  1. To carry out mass rapid transit operations in Bangkok Metropolitan and its vicinity, including other provinces as prescribed by Royal Decree, or between such provinces.
  2. To study, analyze and prepare projects or plans pertaining to mass rapid transit operations for improvement and modernization thereof.
  3. To carry out businesses related to the mass rapid transit operations or other business beneficial to the MRTA and passengers using the mass rapid transit services.

Policy of MRTA Board of Directors

                 MRTA Board of Directors determines the policy and governs the operation of MRTA. Therefore, in order for MRTA operation to be in accordance with the objectives and consistent with the government’s policy, MRTA Board of Directors has set out a policy to be used as guideline for operation and governance, as follows

  1. To provide mass rapid transit service that is convenient, fast, safe, punctual and good value (for money), keeping in mind the satisfaction of each target group.
  2. To operate the organization with good governance, social and environmental responsibility, and put emphasis one prevention and mitigation of impact which may occur from the operation of the organization, especially during construction phase.
  3. To promptly carry on and complete the projects of mass rapid transit lines as assigned and open for service as planned, keeping in mind about value for investment. Furthermore feeder system study should be integrate with feasibility study of the extension MRT projects in BKK and also in regional major cities, maybe combine with investment plan, in order to felicitate passengers to assess MRT service efficiently.
  4. To manage assets, operate the business with continuity, and provide supporting services to increase income and reduce support burden from the government including find solutions to utilize commercial areas.
  5. To allow the public contribution in the operation and use the public’s feedback for development and improvement of operation.
  6. To implement effective financial management, in terms of cash management, liabilities management, and risk management.
  7. To become a high performance organization by using technology and innovation to develop work processes, human resources and organizational culture.
  8. To communicate progressively in different methods to passenger, affected group of people and primary stakeholders so that the public is aware and understands the importance of MRTA, our operation, and supporting MRTA.
  9. To develop and improve incentive system both in terms of money and non-money incentive in order to establish fairness and motivation for employees.   

Note  MRTA Board of Directors has set out a policy on January 28, 2021


            The mission statements is set out as a general principal to guide the operation of MRTA during the fiscal year 2017-2022 that will assist the organisation in achieving its communicated vision.

  1. Proceed in expanding the metro connecting systems.
  2. Continually develop related business (non-core) in response to the needs of the citizen as well as the government’s policy.
  3. Enhance customer experience.
  4. Proceed to become an organization with high efficiency under good governance.
  5. Create a culture that value learning and knowledge expansion.
  6. Create a learning center that focuses on mass rapid transit.

Corporate Goals

               The Corporate Goals for the fiscal year 2017-2022 is set to clearly and strategically drive the operation of MRTA and assist the organization in achieving its vision. The establishment of the corporate goal takes into account the following aspect; expansion of the metro system, financial and business operation, stakeholders involve, sustainability, learning and development and operational performance. The Operational performance aspects includes

  1. Increase coverage of metro system in Bangkok and other major cities in Thailand.
  2. Increase the number of passenger as target.
  3. Increase MRTA’s connectivity with other public transport systems.
  4. Increase revenue channel.
  5. Increase MRTA’s financial management performance.
  6. Improve diversity of product lines and services that reflect the demands of urban society.
  7. Increase involvement of MRTA as a major part of enhancing the citizen’s quality of life.
  8. Become an education center and consultations hub on mass rapid transit at the NATIONAL level and prepare to move towards the ASEAN level.
  9. Become a high performing organization under good governance.

Main Objectives

          Based on vision, missions and corporate goals, MRTA has hereby set forth operating goals to be achieved by the end of the fiscal year 2022 as follows

  1. The MRT Projects will be opened service as follow*
    - The Blue line project, Hua Lampong-Bang Khae section will be opened in 2019.
    - The Blue line project, Bang Sue-Tha Phra section, The Green line project Mo Chit-Saphan Mai-Khu Khot section will be opened in 2020. 
    - The Pink line project Khae Rai-Min Buri section, The Yellow line project Lat Phrao-Samrong section will be opened in 2023.
    - The Orange line project Thailand Cultural Centre- Min Buri section will be opened in 2026.
    - The Purple line Project Tao Pun - Rat Burana (Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road) section, The Orange line project Bang Khun Non - Thailand Cultural Centre, Phuket Mass Transit System Phase 1 : Phuket International Airport - Chalong section, Brown line project Khea Rai – Lam Sali (Bueng Kum) will be opened in 2028.
    - Chiang Mai Mass Transit Project (Red Line), Nakhon Ratchasima Mass Transit Project (Green Line) will be opened in 2029.
    - Phitsanulok Mass Transit Project (Red Line) will be opened in 2030.
  2. It is expected that 82.00 percent of MRT passengers will be satisfied with the connecting system by the year 2022. 
  3. It is expected that the number of MRT Blue line passengers will increase 5 percent each year and the number of MRT Purple line passengers will increase 7 percent each year.
  4. It is expected that the revenue from related businesses will increase 5 percent each year.
  5. It is expected to archive 1.02 percent Return on asset (ROA) by the year 2022. 
  6. It is expected to archive 87.00 percent passengers and communities satisfaction of MRT Blue Line services and other related services and 88.00 percent passengers and communities satisfaction of MRT Purple Line services and other related services, by the year 2022.
  7. It is expected to archive the Social Return on investment (SROI) target. 
  8. To become the learning center of mass rapid transit, completed by the schedule.
  9. To become the national consulting center, completed by the schedule. 
  10. It is expected to scored 4.25 of employee engagement by the year 2022.
  11. It is expected that 96.61 percent of employee will pass the organization competency assessment criteria by the year 2022. 
  12. To developed 3 primarily work processes (with technologies and/or innovation) by the year 2022.
  13. It is expected to archive 3.09 times of organization productivity by the year 2022.

Note : * The MRT project will be opened according to goals of MRT Projects perceived by the MRTA Board of Directors meeting on November 18, 2021.

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