Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand
Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand

Good Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance Policy

On 23 August 2021, Chairman of MRTA Board of Directors signed the Policy on Good Corporate Governance to ensure the performance results in compliance with the governments policy and organizational goals and achieve sustainable growth. MRTA set up Good Corporate Governance Policy to be an operational guideline for MRTA Directors, executives and officers, as follows;

          1) To adhere to crucial principles of good corporate governance, i.e. accountability, responsibility, equitable treatment, transparency, participation, value creation and ethics.

          2) To practice in accordance with crucial principles of good corporate governance relentlessly and continuously.

          3) To support and enhance the practice on good corporate governance in order to achieve continuous improvement.

          4) To monitor and assess the performance on enhancement and improvement of the operation in order to make the organization become a leading good corporate governance organization.