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Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand



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        The Pink Line mass transit system (Khae Rai - Min Buri) is one of the mass transits planned in Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan in Bangkok Metropolitan Region: M-MAP. The Pink Line network has been planned to accommodate travel demand of the northern Bangkok. According to the M-MAP developed by the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP), the Pink Line was assigned as a minor mass transit system in terms of elevated straddle monorail. This project is a monorail system with 34.5 kilometer distance.



     The Pink Line has been planned to accommodate travel demand of the northern Bangkok between Min Buri district and Nonthaburi Province. Route alignment of the Pink Line starts from the first station located between Nonthaburi Civic Center and Khae Rai intersection on Rattanathibet road. At this station, passengers can connect to the Purple Line mass transit system (Bang Yai – Bang Sue). Then, the alignment turns left and goes along Tiwanon road until Pak Kret intersection, then turns right onto Chaeng Watthana road, passes Muang Thong Thani, passes Government Complex Commemorating His Majesty and Lak Si intersection. Also, the alignment will have a connection to the Dark Red Line at Lak Si station and the alignment continues by passing under the Don Muang Tollway and heads for Ramindra road. At Wat Prasrimahathat station (Phithak Ratthathammanun Monument), it will be an interchange station of the Pink Line and the Dark Green Line (Mo Chit - Sapanmai). The alignment follows Ramindra road, crosses over the Chalong Rat expressway until reaches Min Buri intersection, then enters Min Buri Municipality, turns right, crosses over Ramkhamhaeng road and ends at Ramkhamhaeng-Rom Klao intersection. At this terminal station (Min Buri), passengers can connect to the Orange Line (Taling Chan - Min Buri). The entire length of the Pink Line contains the distance of 34.5 kilometers.


     The pre - cast girder is the most appropriate for the viaduct structure because mostly of the alignment is at the middle of the road median. Typical viaduct structures in Pink Line project mostly are single column with dual track. Standard span, less than 25 meters length, would use prestressed concrete girder. Steel guideway girder can be used in the long span which span length is greater than 25 meters. Substructures of the elevated structures can be divided into 2 types; single column and portal frame. The span length is about 20 – 30 meters. The column is on the 1.5-1.8 meters diameter of pile cap or barrette pile. The distance between centers of beam is about 3.7 meters in the straight line section and increasing in the curve line section.


    There will be 30 stations along the route. Station structure will be an elevated structure type. Platform stations are either lateral or central depends on physical conditions. Certain stations will be integrated with other mass transit lines to allow the transfer of passengers. Escalators, lifts, toilets, information displays, public address and all facilities for the handicap will be equipped.


    Depot at Min Buri is located on the area of approximately 118,400 square meters(229 Rai) near Ramkhamhaeng road between Soi Ramkhamhaeng 192 and Song Ton Nun Canal. As depot is at the terminal station, train will be more convenience to operate. Moreover, P&R facilities at this depot can serve passengers not only the Pink Line but also, the Orange Line because this station is an interchange station between both transit lines.

Park & Ride

   1 park and ride building at Min Buri station . Park and ride building capacity is 3,000 cars


   The standard track gauge shall be 1,435 millimeters, measured 14 millimeters below the surface of the rails between the inner faces of the two running rails.

Rolling Stock

    The 750 Volts DC rolling stock with 3 to 4 cars will be used. The system should have a service capacity of more than 30,000 passengers per hour per direction.

Systemwide and Fare Collection System

   The signaling and communication system, power supply and fare collection system of this line will be the same as those of the Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line.


The project cost is estimated at 56,725.00 million baht comprising of:

Detail Cost Unit
Feasibility Study Review, Design and Tender Documents Preparation Consultant 34.00 million baht
Land Acquisition 6,847.00 million baht
Civil Works 19,877.00 million baht
M&E Works 21,846.00 million baht
Project Consultant 1,865.00 million baht
Provisional Sum 6,327.00 million baht
Total 56,725.00 million baht


1. Feasibility Study Review Report for Pink Line Project (October Revised Edition, 2013) And Addendum Report (October Revised Edition, 2014)
2. The Project Cost was already approved by the MRTA Broad of Director on October 14, 2014.