Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand
Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

          The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) aims to work and manage organization with good governance and social responsibility for sustain development. Therefore, MRTA sets corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy including

  1. Conducting organization based on good governance, transparency and responsibility.
  2. Supporting social development especially stakeholders, populace and communities to enhance quality of life that lead to sustain development.
  3. Supporting CSR project and activity with organization’s core competency and resource.
  4. Supporting CSR in process which is organization’s main process.  
  5. Promoting CSR’s knowledge to executives and employees to understand and aware of CSR important for organizational sustain development.
  6. Prioritizing employees’ quality of life, organizational attachment and CSR value to be organizational culture.

          Accordingly, executives and employees have to support and operate accord to CSR policy

                                                          Announced on 5th July 2018


                                                Mr. Pakapong Sirikantaramas


                                             Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand