5.4 Km. of subway tract (4 stations) and 21.5 Km. of elevated structure (15 stations)

Bang Sue - Tha Phra


       This section is 11 kilometers long with 8 stations with . Its structure through out the entire route. The project starts from Bang Sue Station, passing along Pracharat Sai 2 Road. It crosses the Chao Phraya River and turns left along Charan Sanit Wong Road reaching Tha Phra area at Phetcha Kasem and Charan Sanit Wong Intersection.

Hua Lamphong - Bang Khae


        This length is 15.9 kilometers long, 5.4 kilometers of which will be underground with 4 stations while the remaining 10.5 kilometers will be elevated with 7 stations. The project starts at Hua Lamphong Station. It goes along Charoen Krung Road, passing China Town, Wang Burapha. It then turns left at Wat Poh before crossing under the Chao Phraya River at Pak Khlong Talart. Next, it reaches Tha Phra Station and runs along Phetcha Kasem Road to Lak Song Station.


Detail Cost Unit
Land Acquisition(Bang Sue - Tha Pra) 548.0 million baht
Land Acquisition(Hua Lumpong - Bang Kae) 5,352.0 million baht
Civil works 51,670.6 million baht
M&E Works and Rolling Stocks 22,141.0 million baht
PMC Consultant (Civil) 726.1 million baht
CSC Consultant 1,210.0 million baht
PMC Consultant (M&E Works) 244.4 million baht
MESC Consultant 418.0 million baht
Total 82,387.1 million baht