CSR Policy

     Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) is committed to developing and expanding M.R.T. networks following the main mission of its organization “To be an organization with excellent public transport which can improve quality of life and promote sustainable urban development” to mitigate traffic problems and to support the ideal urban lives with safe and secure travel. With such responsibility, MRTA have to work with people and communities to complete the mission with care. Therefore, MRTA has to follow CSR Policy which can be described in 4 points.

  1. To promote and support the development of society by enhancing the quality of life for people and to support MRTA employees to be volunteers for community and society.
  2. Together with communities along the route of M.R.T. project to conserve Thailand's fine arts, culture and traditions.
    The operation and study of the design and construction of M.R.T. projects at all stages will concern about environmental impact as well as to maintain a good environment for sustainable development.
  3. To promote education for MRTA officers, employees and their children and support the teaching of schools along the route of M.R.T. in the manner of “Home-Temple-School”

     By all of these, MRTA also adopted the principle of sustainable development as a guideline for corporate development to be able to live together with society, communities and environment.