MRT Project

Concessionaire : Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited.


        The running tunnels of the M.R.T. system line are twin single-track tunnels of 5.7 meters in the innermost diameter, 30 centimeters thickness and 6.3 meters in the outermost diameter.


        The 1.435 meter-wide track gauge of UIC 54 Standard, with bottom pick-up third rail is adopted. In the tunnels, a direct fixation fastener system is installed directly to the concrete slab for the efficiency, stability and smoothness of the train service. Besides, in the depot area, a ballasted track system is installed on concrete sleepers to facilitate the maintenance and relocation of the track.


        The depot with a total area of 300 rai is an elevated structure raised three meters above ground, consisting of workshops with maintenance facilities, operational control centre, rolling stock stabling yard, track and administration building.